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Coach Simons Contest Prep


"I was feeling depressed and overweight and ​out of shape despite my own gym routine 3-4 times per week for many years (20). My weight varied from 223 to 228 lbs for my 6'1" frame. I hired and consulted with Chris based on advise from my wife who worked with him and began and committed to his personal exercise and dieting program. After 9 weeks I have lost an official 26+ pounds, gained distributed strength across my entire frame and feel totally energetic and great. Chris knows his stuff and is so easy to work with. His program is basically all pure and with natural foods. He molds the exercise program to be symmetric with the overall longer term goals. I'm also learning much more about how processed foods basically create an unnatural outcome to ones physique and overall health. I highly recommend him and his programs to anybody who is committed to improving their overall health." 
- John M. 50, West Roxbury

“We know that in fitness there is no  magic pill. However I found one…Chris Simons! Immediate results and learned a lot about myself at the same time. I cannot recommend him more highly!” 
- Bill H, 52, Dorchester, Ma  

 "When I began training with Chris, I could barely perform a plank, push-ups on my toes or run a mile. These were all goals of mine. I am coming up on a year into training with Coach Simons and the results have been amazing. I can now perform a plank for 4 minutes straight, perform 35 push-ups from my toes and even 4 real chin-ups! I also just began running races and completed 2 5K’s and 1 10k road race. I’ve never felt better. Chris really takes the time to help his clients and his passion shines through. He isn’t just another training making you sweat and sending you on your way. He is always around for questions and explains the purpose of things so we can better understand. I am beyond thrilled with my results and hope to continue coming!” 
- Heather L., 42  Newton, Ma  

​ “Working with Chris has been amazing. He has put so much time and effort into helping me lose weight and get healthier. I managed to lose 125lbs in just 5 months…38lbs my first month. The program he designed for me was so perfect for my schedule. He took the time to make sure it fit into my work schedule and if for some reason things changed; he would make daily changes to ensure consistent results. I highly recommend him!” 
- Christopher H., 33  Dedham, Ma 

 “I hired Chris approximately 9 months before my wedding. He helped me get into the best shape of my life. My body transformed! I went down 2 pant sizes, lost 10lbs on the scale and put on a significant amount of muscle. I never looked so good in my wedding dress”
- Christine L., 26 Newton Ma 

 “I’ve only been working with Chris for 3 weeks and I’ve already lost 14lbs! I feel amazing. All of my clothes are fitting better, I have tons of energy and I am sleeping like a baby. His life coaching in addition to exercise has helped optimize things during my daily activities. I look forward to future results!”  
- Jen B., 28  Dedham, Ma  

 “Within my first 6 weeks with Coach Simons, I cannot believe how much my body has changed in a short time. Listening to my trainer 100% truly allowed me to achieve my goals and a fantastic transformation. I am stronger and more fit than I ever could of imagined! I thank Chris for helping me as I couldn’t have done it on my own. This is now a lifestyle for me and I will continue working with them!“  
- Beth V. 58  Sharon, ma

 “Working with Coach Simons was more than I expected. He took time to get to know me and to make sure I felt comfortable at all times. He helped me not only with fitness, but his life coaching skills allowed me to open up more and believe in myself. He helped me worked towards life goals outside of the gym and feel more confident in myself, all whilst losing weight and becoming healthier. Chris is #1!!!” 
- Zoe S. 22 Dedham, Ma 

 “Since working with Coach Simons, I’ve lost close to 30lbs and gained quite a bit of strength. Chris constantly pushes me each and every session to ensure that I am receiving the most benefit during my time there. He goes above and beyond in helping me change my behaviors so that I will be healthier and continue to succeed in the future. He doesn’t just “put his clients through a workout” like other trainers, but instead gets to know you as an individual and dives deep down to the route of the problem for why one doesn’t exercise or eat healthy, in hopes of breaking those bad habits. His services are much appreciated”  
- Andrew P. 35, Needham, Ma  

 “With knowledge, focus, and humor, Chris has helped me strengthen my core and back, which has caused limitations in the past. I have also been more consistent with my fitness regime. He makes me sweat, by encouraging me to do ‘just one more.”  
- Elsie A. 58, Dedham, Ma  

 “There are many words that come to mind to describe Chris and among them are passionate, committed, compassionate, relentless, conscientious, and above all professional. He is truly willing to go above and beyond to help his clients in achieving personal success. Sure, I have been to other gyms before and managed to try to keep to a schedule but since I met Chris in 2005 I have been successful in finally reaching my goals. What i admire most about Chris is his professional integrity, knowledge, and willingness to keep trying to help and push me even though I was resisting and very comfortable in doing things my way. By working with Chris I was able to look within and extract all of the positive qualities I know I possess and learn to believe in myself again. I would recommend Chris (and already have) to anyone who is looking for a positive life changing experience through exercise and nutritional guidance.” 
- Beth L. 51, W. Roxbury  

 “Chris’s broad medical knowledge has helped ease my mind and pain from being inactive. Through his exercise program, in 3 short months, I am more energized and active during the day. I get a better quality sleep and am able to stay up longer to read, which is something I really enjoy. My muscles are stronger, and socially I am able to do more in the evenings. I wish him more success.”   
- Joanne P. 75, Brookline, MA  

 “Great personal training – super knowledgeable, great space to work out in with really focused instruction/coaching, and emphasis on long term achievable goals/results!”  
- Sandra N., 40, Walpole, Ma 

 ”I have been a client of Coach Simons for 2 years. After a long and stressful week at work, spending time in the gym is what I look forward to most. I especially enjoy training with Chris because he motivates me to push myself and encourages me to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. Chris has created a great training atmosphere that is both comfortable and enjoyable. I look forward to my time there and have made friends with many of his other clients. Not only does he offer fitness advice, but he continues to counsel me on my nutrition and food choices while also taking the time to listen to my questions or concerns. As a result of Chris’s guidance, I have become a stronger person both mentally and physically and I have him to thank for this positive change in my life. 

- Kristen D. 26 Dedham, MA  

 “I’ve known Chris for some time as a friend but never trained with him before. Any time we could run into one another he would also push the lifestyle of fitness onto me and each and every time I knew I needed to do something. As time went on, I became more unhealthy. Recently, my sister had passed away due to not taking care of her health and that was a real wake up call for me. Coincidence enough – Chris had reached out to me around the same time to send his condolences. We chatted a bit and he told me this, “Give me 12 weeks and I will change your live”. So I took him up on the offer knowingly my health was suffering. In my first month training with him I dropped 15lbs. By the second month I had increased in several areas of fitness and my recent physical at the doctor’s office was very good. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol had dropped and the Dr. told me if I continue on doing this I may be able to get off med’s. My overall sleep and energy are way better and I finally feel in control of my health. I cannot thank the coach enough. ”

-Jonathan., 51 Chestnut Hill, ma 

 “I began working with Chris three years ago. His no-nonsense, common sense approach to fitness and nutrition has been invaluable. Chris designs a client’s program based on their fitness goals as well as any health concerns or issues they may be experiencing. He constantly emphasizes proper form and technique and all sessions are based on these two fundamental concepts. . His passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle makes him a great personal trainerIn addition, Chris is always willing and eager to answer questions and if a client needs support outside of a session, he makes himself available at all times. While working with Chris, I have gone down six sizes and significantly increased my strength, endurance, and flexibility. My nutrition has also changed dramatically. I now make healthy food choices, eat the correct portions and, more importantly, eat smaller meals more often. These changes have greatly contributed to my weight loss of 40 pounds over two years ago. Chris keeps me committed to my fitness goals, provides me with the incentive to push myself to the next level, and makes weight loss easy. I am extremely satisfied with my results.”  
- Anne B. 48 West Roxbury, Ma 

"I've been exercising for a long time, and I thought I was in good shape. A friend of mine referred Coach Simons to me because I was feeling stagnant with my results. Upon meeting him for the consult he completely blew me away with his knowledge. I signed up immediately and after just a week on his new program and diet I was feeling amazing. I've seen better results in the last two months than the last two years working on my own. I highly recommend Chris!
-Bob, 46, Quincy