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Coach Simons Contest Prep


Nutrition needs to be 100% in order to achieve both optimal performance and build a great body. There is no such thing as "70% diet, 30% exercise" or whatever the ratios given in magazine articles preach. It's nonsense.

Can one get away with "sort of" eating healthy and see results? Sure. But it isn't ideal. At the same time. I understand eating clean all the time can be difficult. Personally, I eat clean 90% of the time when it's an "off season". However, during contest preparation there is no cheating at all.  This ensures I am giving my body the proper intake of nutrients to both build muscle (or reserve it) and lose body fat. Depending on your goal, the diet aspect can vary quite a bit. A nutrition plan for a marathon runner will not be the same as a diet plan for a bodybuilder, or a bikini competitor and the average client looking to be healthier. Different activity levels require different nutrients. 

I will work closely with your schedule and current eating habits to develop a plan of attack that works for you. Expect there to be changes with both food choices and scheduled eating times. Rest assured I am a firm believer in fueling the body; therefore any starvation type diet plans will never be given out. It's far more important to give the body the appropriate amount of nutrients, than it is spending time calorie counting. The amount of garbage information out there is disturbing. I will teach you everything I know about nutrition and debunk the myths you are probably accustomed to. 

"Eating healthy" is great, but it isn't always enough to achieve your goal. Proper nutrition when it comes to developing a specific look is a science. Making good choices is not always going to do the job. A specific plan needs to be followed consistently in order to achieve the best results possible.