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Coach Simons Contest Prep


In my opinion a true personal trainer doesn't simply put their clients through a workout, make them sweat and send them on their way. Unfortunately, there are many trainers like this who consider themselves PERSONAL TRAINERS when the sessions with their clients are not very personal at all. A client should expect to not only learn how to exercise properly, but to lead a healthier lifestyle overall. 

As a trainer, I expect to be a role model, a mentor and a leader to my clients. Trainers should be setting good examples and also lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Nowadays, many trainers do not even exercise or practice what they preach. It's not right. 

‚ÄčI am extremely passionate and focused when it comes to training clients. I make sure they understand not only why it's important to exercise and eat healthier but the pro's and con's as well. Throughout our time together, I will teach you how to properly execute form and technique, and educate you why the exercises are important and which muscle groups they are targeting. Additionally, cardiovascular training will be performed, as well as working on your body's stability and flexibility to ensure we are building a strong foundation.