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Contest preparation involves a complete program from start to finish to get you ready for the stage. It'll include a training program, a cardio program, a contest prep diet and supplementation advice. Other areas discussed during this time will include hair removal, tanning application, posing suit purchase and posing. Typical contest prep diets will be enforced between 12-16 weeks depending on your current state. The main focus during this time period is to develop your physique to the best of your abilities, specifically showcasing the muscular development by means of lower body fat.  It is critical that once you begin this way of life, you are 100% consistent to the end. Once the commitment has been made you are expected to run its course and be the best you can be. There are no valid excuses during this prep. If you truly want to bring your physique to the next level, then be prepared to do things you haven't done.

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What does CONTEST PREP entail?

1) Customized Nutrition Plan
2) Supplementation Protocol
3) Weight Lifting Program
4) Cardio Plan
5) Life Coaching
6) Posing Routines for Stage
7) Tanning
8) 24/7 Accountability 
9) Weekly and Daily Check Ins

Mens: Physique, Classic Physique, Bodybuilding

Womens: Bikini, Figure, Physique 

Organizations we work with: NPC, OCB, WBFF, WNBF, INBF